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Physiotherapy for babies, children and pregnant women in water

Physiotherapy for babies, children and pregnant women in water

Massages for babies, children and adults

Massages for babies, children and adults

Individual physiotherapy in the hall

Individual physiotherapy in the hall

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From family to family

Bambino SPA

Officially, we are a physiotherapy clinic with the status of a healthcare institution. But first and foremost, we aim to be a second home for the whole family: pregnant women, babies, children and parents.

We opened our doors in Kaunas in 2019. Every day we grow and grow stronger together with our youngest visitors. We are valued for our high quality treatment and health services, which we try to deliver in an engaging and non-monotonous way. We put our guests’ comfort first, which is why we provide free parking and easy wheelchair access, as well as free swimming nappies and hygiene products. Of course, we treat all our friends to a cup of coffee or tea.

We are extremely proud of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, who make working with babies and parents a pleasure above all.

See you at the Bambino Spa!

Giedrė Kalvaitė Bambino SPA creator

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We have taken care of your convenience

Quick registration

Online registration form and the ability to see free times in a month

Convenient location

Easy to find location with free parking and convenient entrance

We offer it for free

We provide free swimming diapers, take care of baby cosmetics, and serve coffee

The most modern pool equipment

The water is filtered through a colored glass filler that does not accumulate bacteria.


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Yes, all services require pre-registration. The most convenient and fastest is using the online registration form, also available by phone +370 (659) 52777, e-mail by mail info@bambinospa.lt or by message on social networks.

The clinic does not cooperate with TLK and all services provided are paid according to the approved price list published on this website. A doctor's referral is not necessary for services provided by Bambino SPA.
Upon arrival for the procedure, you need to fill out a goodwill consent and a questionnaire about your or your child's health status. If there are contraindications, please submit a doctor's certificate, recommendations for the received clinic services.

We provide towels, swimming diapers, cosmetics and hygiene products to babies and children who come to the swimming pool. For parents who don't get in the water, only clean, non-slip pool slippers should be brought with them. If the parents themselves participate in procedures in the pool, please do not forget a bathing suit, pool slippers, a towel and personal hygiene products. When coming to gym classes, you need to take care of comfortable sports clothes, you can take your baby's favorite toy.

You don't need to bring anything extra for the massage.

For the first time, we recommend arriving 15 min. before the session. Additionally, we will ask you to fill out a health status questionnaire.

Other times, it is enough to arrive 5-10 minutes before the session - how much time is needed to change clothes or prepare the baby for the procedure.

Kinesitherapy in the pool and hall is recommended for babies from 2 months.


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